Finding Your Dream Home: Tips for Buying High-End Properties in San Antonio, Texas

Finding Your Dream Home: Tips for Buying High-End Properties in San Antonio, Texas

Locating the perfect home is an exciting process, with most buyers having high expectations when searching for their new residence. While the buying process may include some highs and lows, when people locate their dream property, they're rewarded with a beautiful estate that fulfills and exceeds their expectations for design, amenities, location, landscaping, and much more.

San Antonio is a great place to search for a dream home. With its year-round warm temperatures, fantastic restaurants, top-notch museums, and historical sites, along with a long list of activities and things to do and see, it's no wonder people considering a move to the great state of Texas would put San Antonio at the top of their wish list.

San Antonio showcases various architectural styles, including Contemporary, Mid-century Modern, Tuscan-style, Spanish Colonial Revival, and many more. The landscaping around these beautiful estates is diverse, with some properties incorporating exotic palm trees and flowering cacti into their landscape, taking advantage of local subtropical vegetation. Other properties choose to display magnificent live oak and pecan trees, complete with an array of Texas wildflowers.

Whatever style you prefer, you'll likely have the most success finding your ideal residence if you carry out a thoughtful, time-tested home-buying method. Below are a few tips to help you along the path of finding the perfect property.

The path to a successful purchase

The search for a fabulous property begins with a broad scope, eventually narrowing in size to define the specific features, conveniences, and amenities — the "must-haves" — that will complete a buyer's vision of the perfect abode. By starting with a broad view versus the minute details of finding a fantastic place, buyers will define the complete package of what will indeed be their dream property.

Finding a prime location

It's been said many times that location is the number one priority in finding a fabulous place to live. This sentiment is true for several reasons. Experiencing a great lifestyle is about much more than what occurs within the four walls of even an exceptional house. The "complete package" of owning the perfect home encompasses other essential factors, such as a reasonable commute to work and easy access to upscale shopping, restaurants, fitness centers, recreational activities, and, in many cases, excellent schools.

Location is one of the top priorities of a buyer's search because, unlike many other homeownership aspects, it's a permanent characteristic.

Your first visit

Once you've discovered some great locations, the next step is even more exciting! It's time to start visiting the houses in your preferred areas. There may be more than one neighborhood and more than one home that appeals to you. Having multiple options at this stage is good because you can compare your top selections to determine which features are the most meaningful to you.

As you approach each property, consider whether your first reaction is one of enthusiasm and awe or more neutral. If your first reaction is very positive, keeping an open mind is still a good idea because viewing the next home on your list may elicit an even more positive response! Even if your reaction to a residence's exterior and landscaping is neutral, the home's interior may amaze you so much that you're willing to compromise on its exterior.

The exterior

As you evaluate the exterior of each property, consider whether it has the "must-have" features that are so important to you. If you love to entertain, are you impressed with the outdoor areas for hosting social events? Does the property have the swimming pool or tennis court you want? If you love to have a leisurely cup of coffee every morning, is there a small, quiet patio where you can enjoy your morning brew? Do you love the landscaping features or have something completely different in mind for your dream property? Is there plenty of space to park your family's burgeoning vehicle collection, or would you need to add to the garage and parking areas?

If your overall impression of a home's exterior was favorable but lacking in a feature or two, it may be possible to add those missing features later. Many homeowners have been able to appreciate a property's "good bones" and went on to develop it into a fabulous property, custom-designed to suit their tastes.

The interior spaces

For most people, the most thrilling part of searching for the right house is experiencing a grand tour of its interior. If you like a house's exterior and location and fall in love as soon as you walk in the entrance, these are all excellent signs that you're on the right track. However, there are still some practical aspects you'll want to consider.

As you walk through the house, think of the features you consider "must-haves" and determine whether you see those qualities. Are the bedrooms and bathrooms luxurious and spacious enough for you, or do they require upgrades? Are there large closets where you expect them to be, or do some areas lack storage? If you like to entertain, do you see multiple areas in the house where people can easily gather?

For most buyers, the kitchen is usually one of the most critical considerations in a property. Along with professional-grade appliances, you may want a large, walk-in pantry, several countertops for small appliances, a particular room for housing an extensive wine collection, multiple sinks, and other amenities for all the cooks in the household. If you don't see every convenience you need, consider whether you would hire a professional to complete some remodeling projects. If the other aspects of the house fit with all your other aims, a remodeling project or two may be a good solution.

Work with an exceptional real estate company

The hard-working, dedicated team members at Miguel Herrera Luxury Lifestyle are completely committed to matching each one of our clients with one of the many spectacular homes in beautiful San Antonio. Each team member is an expert in the San Antonio real estate market and is ready to work for you to find your ultimate dream property.

If you'd like more tips for buying high-end properties in San Antonio, please reach out to the team.

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